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Transport Your Scuba Gear With An Akona Roller Backpack Bag From Scuba.com

Scuba.com carries all the equipment you need for your scuba diving adventure. Now you can carry all your gear with ease. Relieve the strain of hauling around your heavy scuba equipment with the Akona Roller Backpack Bag. You can carry up to two sets of gear with this durable, reliable bag from Scuba.com. Carry up to two sets a gear without putting overbearing strain on your back with this maneuverable roller bag. Save your physic for the dive and carry all the gear you require for your scuba dive.

The Akona Roller Backpack Bag is a heavy duty gear carrier with padded shoulders and a plush lining to ensure the safety of your scuba diving equipment. Made with 600 Denier nylon, this bag is basically scratch-proof. A full set of scuba gear is an investment. Protect your scuba assets with the Akona Roller Backpack Bag.

With the Akona’s maneuverable wheels, this is the perfect back for any hardcore traveling scuba diver. The combination of rolling wheels, plus side handles makes this back the perfect travel companion for your scuba diving expeditions. Fit two sets of gear, or just one and have extra room for any of your traveling accessories.

Find your Akona Roller Backpack Bag, and all your other scuba necessities, at Scuba.com. Our store sells over 20,000 products at over 120 scuba equipment manufacturers. Pick up all your gear and dive in with Scuba.com.