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Take The Ultimate Dive With Mares X-Stream Adjustable Strap Fins From Scuba.com

Find all the gear you need from head to toe from Scuba.com before you venture on your next dive. At Scuba.com we have over 20,000 products from over 120 manufacturing brands. We have all the accessories you need for the ultimate scuba dive. When you are looking to buy new fins for you scuba expeditions, check out the Mares X-Stream Adjustable Strap Fins from Scuba.com. These fins are made with fine quality and great durability, making them resistant to aging and wear.

The Mares X-Stream Adjustable Strap Fins are made with a number of technologies to ensure the ultimate dive. Designed with OPB (Optimized Pivoting Blade) Fin Technology, these fins stay at an optimal angle during both your upward and downward strokes. The Channel Thrust Technology System make for optimal water channeling. By maintaining optimal thrust throughout your dive, in every phase of fin stroking. You minimize fatigue and increase your body’s endurance during your scuba dives.

The ABS (Adjustable Binding System) Plus Fin Buckles also ensure a better stroke. These buckles improve the fit of the Mares X-Stream Adjustable Strap Fins and make for a dramatically more efficient fin stroke. The rubber and soft anatomical ribbed foot pocket prevent water from entering the space between the bootie and the foot pocket, this eliminates the parachute-like drag that would happen with any regular fin.

Purchase your Mares X-Stream Adjustable Strap Fins and all your other scuba diving equipment from Scuba.com. We have everything you need to have a success, enriching scuba dive.