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SMARTdesks Collaborative Learning Tables Engage Students In The Classroom

More and more schools and colleges across the country are moving toward group learning and group discussion. Engaging, thought provoking discussion can bring about many great ideas and successful learning days in the classroom. However, schools need to provide their students with the right resources and technology to give them the ability to engage with the rest of the classroom. SMARTdesks can build custom computer conference tables for your schools classrooms and meeting space to provide the right resources to faculty, staff, and students.

One of the most common problem with group thinking and group work is lack of space or resources. In a classroom there may only be 1-3 computers but you have maybe 20 students. The same goes for meeting space. Faculty meetings may have 20-30 employees but no where to sit, take notes, or use a computer. SMARTdesks is changing that with integrated conference tables that have built in computer stations. These versatile conference tables let you use the computer when you want, or stow it when you don’t need it.

SMARTdesks collaborative learning classroom table gives you the space you need for everyone to have a place to sit, the technology you need to get connected, and the line of sight to see the speaker. This type of design allows for everyone involved to play a part in the discussion, take notes and get connected online, and participate as a whole.

When everyone in the classroom is able to participate the quality of the discussion is going to be better. Students can learn from each other and the teacher. Help your students have more rich organic discussion by implementing a collaborative learning classroom table into your classroom.