Washington 3/11/2016 8:08:33 AM
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3rd Term for President Obama?

Will he rule again?

A lot of people are predicting that President Obama will have a 3rd term. It is hard to believe but it could be possible. This guy has done a great job with our country. He is a natural born American citizen from Kenya and he is planning to rule the United Nations. It all sounds like a theory but it is true.

Obama had a prediction of Martial Law in America. The soldiers will kick down doors and take families who will not comply with the New Order. It all sounds like some type of movie but what if it is real. What if there are people planning to chip humans like dogs and send them to camps. There are millions of plastic bins stored for destructive events in America.

Are you prepared for the future?

Some are storing up their dry foods and Y2K water because the storm is coming. The next president will be the key to saving America. The candidates just do not have what it takes to protect the American people. Mr. Trump is a clown, and Mrs. Clinton is a freak show. She is always telling lies and she should be locked up in a military prison camp in North Korea. We are living in a serious time and the American people must decide which president is going to run this country.