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Linda Marie Frank's New Annie Tillery Novel "The Mystery Of The Lost Avenger" Available This Spring

Coming this spring, the fourth installment of the Annie Tillery mystery series is here. Be sure to pick up Linda Marie Frank’s “The Mystery of the Lost Avenger” and continue on the exciting journey of amateur detective Annie Tillery. In this segment, young sleuth Annie Tillery stumbles upon a letter hinting about her great grandmother’s past. Annie discovers information on plane crash that happened in 1943. A note in the wreckage from her ancestor, Charlotte Wheeler raises red flags. Something seems off. There are hints of a mysterious past.

Linda Marie Frank describes her Annie Tillery novels as “Nancy Drew meets CSI”. “The Mystery of the Lost Avenger” is a mix of enigma and forensic science. With a background as a science school teacher, Linda Marie Frank incorporates her love of science into her novels. “They Mystery of the Lost Avenger” is set between present time and 1943. You will want to immerse yourself the engaging characters who will tug at your heart strings in this new mystery novel. Read a story of heart-warming heroines who aided in the efforts of World War II. Take part in history, mystery, autopsies, and crime when you buy Linda Marie Frank’s newest novel “The Mystery of the Lost Avenger”

Find the past three installments of the Annie Tillery Mystery Novels at Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. Linda Marie Frank’s novels make great summer reading assignments, as well as quality casual reading material for young adults. Solve “The Mystery of the Lost Avenger” when you pick up Linda Marie Frank’s latest novel.