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Gulf Breeze Recovery Offers Total Health Recovery With Holistic Treatment In Pensacola

Overcoming drug and alcohol addiction can be extremely hard when you are in a negative environment. Atlanta residents can come to Gulf Breeze Recovery to remove themselves from the harmful environment that contributes to their drug or alcohol addiction. The first step to total health recovery is changing the negative environment.

Gulf Breeze Recovery believes that true recovery is total recovery. That is why our holistic drug rehab approach is so much more successful than standard 12 step programs. Our Thrive Total health recovery holistic treatment program is designed to nurture and set the stage for powerful life-changing insights. Because of this method, our guests will be able to identify how they became hijacked by addiction through their own though processes.

Total health recovery is the only way to truly be free of drug and alcohol addiction. Our non 12 step drug rehab program has several components to it that are designed to truly change our guests perspective and understanding of how and why drugs or alcohol took control of their life.

We start with licensed medical detoxification for those who need it. Then we move to spay therapy, physical health recovery, methods helping those resistant to treatment, principles of mental health recovery, developmental activities, small group activities, intensive one-on-one therapy and finally setting the stage for insight. Total health recovery isn’t about learning to cope, but learning to thrive. Call Gulf Breeze Recovery today to start your total health recovery plan and overcome the addiction.