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Become A Travel Nurse In Ohio With Full Benefits And Great Pay Rates

Find travel nursing job listings in Ohio when you work with Millenia Medical Staffing. Live and work in the Buckeye state during your next travel nursing assignment. Whether you are looking for a travel nursing job in your home state or a new state, you can find travel nursing job opportunities across the U.S. when you further your healthcare career with Millenia Medical Staffing. Work in Ohio is hospitals both large and small. As an approved Federal Supply Vendor, Millenia Medical can place you in a variety of medical facilities including, VA Hospitals, Military Medical Facilities, and Indian Healthcare Service Clinics. Increase you hospital experience when you work as a travel nurse in Ohio with Millenia Medical Staffing.

We provide our Ohio travel nurses with great benefits. Work as a travel nurse with Millenia Medical Staffing and receive health, dental, vision, and life insurance. Additionally we want to alleviate our travel nurse of the stress of travel. At Millenia Medical Staffing we offer deluxe private housing to accommodate you, your spouse, or you entire immediate family. If you are not in need of private housing provided by Millenia Medical Staffing, we can provide you with a housing subsidy added on to your paycheck.

Work as a travel nurse in Ohio with Millenia Medical Staffing. Enjoy the attractions of Ohio, such as its many museums and spectator sports. As a Millenia Medical Staffing travel nurse you have the opportunity to take on contracts ranging from 4 to 26 weeks. Work with Millenia Medical Staffing for you next Ohio travel nursing job.