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Improve Patient Health And Increase Medical Practice Revenue With Chronic Care Staffing

Chronic Care Staffing offers medical practices a chronic care management program that will not only improve patient health and satisfaction during office visits, but will also help you grow your medical practice revenues with Medicare CCM 99490 without adding overhead of staff or software. This is patient care, not software. Call Chronic Care Staffing today to start billing Medicare for your patient care.

Chronic Care Staffing can help improve the outcomes of your medical practice. We have extremely experienced and well qualified nurses and patient care coordinators that will help take care of your patients. We use your existing EMR and billing system to not only enhance patient care between visits, but also improve health outcomes for eligible medicare patients.

Medicare began paying separately for non face-to-face care coordination for eligible patients. To be eligible, patients must have 2 or more chronic conditions. You are able to bill $38.86 per patient every 2 months for 20 minutes of non face-to-face contact. This really adds up if you have a practice. For example if you have 500 enrolled patients, thats nearly $250,000 a year. Let Chronic Care Staffing help you with your chronic care management program.

Call Chronic Care Staffing to start getting paid for your chronic care management. Not only will you increase your medical practice revenues, but you will be providing better care for your patients. When you are in the medical industry, patient care is the most important factor of your business. Let us help improve patient satisfaction and increase your revenues. Give us a call today at 843-804-6120