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Increase Medical Practice Revenues When You Outsource Your Chronic Care Management Program With Chronic Care Staffing

Chronic Care Staffing can help you increase your medical practice revenues when you partner with us to handle your chronic care management program. With Chronic Care Staffing, you get experienced nurses and care coordinator professionals to handle in between office visit communication and can for your patients. Not only will we help you improve patient satisfaction, but you will be able to bill Medicare for this contact and increase your revenues.

Our experienced nurses will help you identify patients that are eligible to receive this out-of-office care. Patients must have at least 2 or more chronic ailments that are expected to last longer than 12 months or until death. You are able to bill Medicare for 20 minutes of contact of either phone or email at $38.86 per month per patient. This offers huge potential for increased revenues depending on how many patients you have that have chronic ailments.

Medicare began billing separately for non face-to-face care under CPT Code 99490. With this new code and the billing amount, you could bring in close to $250,000 annually if your medical practice had 500 enrolled patients.

Chronic Care Staffing uses your existing software and billing systems in the chronic care management program, so there is no need for additional or new software. Secondly, you don’t have to hire or train any new employees. This program is a full service program where we handle everything for you with your existing resources. Let us help you increase your revenue and improve patient care at your practice. Call us today for more information at 843-804-6120.