Irvine 4/15/2016 4:15:45 PM
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Sunken World War II Plane Turned Into Scuba Playground

Just off the coast of Kas, Turkey, a World War II plane sits over 65 feet below the surface, hosting a party of men in scuba gear instead of soldiers strapped into parachutes.

The DC-3 Dakota plane was sunk on purpose, specifically to become an attraction for scuba divers and historians from around the world. Where it once carried paratroopers, the fuselage is now home to schools of fish, shrimp, and even barracudas.

WWII Plane Scuba


The cockpit, wings, and twin propeller engines are already growing coral as the sea tries to retake the wreck. The plane is visible from even above the water, and is just one small boat trip away from the chain of islands around Kas. Free divers and scuba divers alike can explore the submerged plane that once soared through the skies, and now lies at the bottom of the Mediterranean.

WWII Plane Scuba Wreck

The plane was used by real Turkish paratroopers fighting the Nazis during World War II, and is classified as a historical relic. The airplane dive site is actually only one of six artificial wrecks located near Kas, which also includes artificial reefs and a 1950's era cargo ship sunk amid the myriad islands nearby. All are located in recreational zones, and can be visited readily by intrepid divers.