St. Louis 4/21/2016 3:52:12 AM
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Care Keepers CEO: Greater Saint Louis Needs Better Homecare Options

With a rapidly aging population, and with the overall trend of people leading longer, more productive lives, greater Saint Louis is in dire need of better homecare options.

"The numbers don't lie: Our population is aging rapidly, and people are living longer, more productive lives. This has caused our culture to shift toward a more universal respect for the aged" explained CareKeepers CEO Camille Love. "According to U.S. Census Data, well over half a million metro-area residents are over 60 years old, and that number is expected to grow rapidly."

Love explains that people prefer to let the aged and disabled live within the comfortable confines of their own homes, instead of nursing homes or long-term hospital care, and Saint Louis needs better homecare options to fulfill this need.

What makes a "better" homecare provider? Love says personality and experience. Love emphasizes that people are unique and deserve care that's unique to them, not the "assembly-line homecare" that is often found through large homecare providers. Also, as many of the aged can attest, there is little that can replace experience, especially when it comes to caring for others.

Lastly, Love also cleared up that the misconception that homecare is only for the aged. "We've all been candidates for homecare at one time or another", she stated. "Homecare is also for those who are ill, for those who are disabled, for injured persons, and for anyone else who just needs a bit of extra help; this is how the future of medicine looks".

About Care Keepers Home Care LLC

Care Keepers HomeCare is a family-owned and independently operated homecare agency that has proudly served the St. Louis area for over 5 years. Our team of well-trained and experienced caregivers prides itself on providing our customers with premium services for not just seniors, but for anyone who needs.