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Consolidate Your Student Loans Today With Student Loan Law Group And Settle Your Case Against National Collegiate Student Loan Trust

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust is suing students in Ohio, New Jersey, Utah, South Carolina, and other states in the US for past due private student loans. If you are under their fire, they must supply evidence that they now own your loan. When you need assistance in defending this lawsuit to prevent a judgment, Student Loan Law Group can help.

If you choose to not act, the results are typically not in your favor. However, when you contact Student Loan Law Group to defend your case and fight on your behalf, you a chance of settling the case on more favorable terms, or in some scenarios even winning the case.

Having Student Loan Law Group fight the lawsuit for you forces them to have their attorneys prove you owe them the money. Their Lawyers will have to account for the debt they are alleging you owe them for as well as the fact that you are legally liable to them for payment.
We might be able to get the lawsuit dropped or we can work out a settlement in the case for either a lump-sum dollar figure or a reasonable monthly payment

When you need immediate relief from the stress from being sued on your student loans from National Collegiate trust, don’t wait to defend. National Collegiate trust will begin to garnish your wages. The Student Loan Law Group will aggressively defend you to get you a fair settlement. Remember, student loans don’t disappear, but we can provide you the assistance you need. Visit us online or call us at 888-843-1706.