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Fight Back Against National Collegiate Trust Today With Student Loan Law Group

Student Loan Law Group can help you fight your lawsuit from National Collegiate Trust. Many times students who receive lawsuits typically do nothing, which is exactly what National Collegiate Trust wants you to do. When you don’t respond, you could receive a default judgment being taken against you. Once you receive this judgment, you may be subject to wage garnishment, bank account freezes, or liens on your property.

Contact Student Loan Law Group today to fight back against National Collegiate Trust. In order for the lawsuit to be valid, National Collegiate Trust must prove that they legally own your loan. All student loans held by National Collegiate Trust were originated from various banks under different loan programs. In order for them to sue you for the balance due, they need to provide evidence that they now own the Promissory Note on your Loan and they are legally able to prove ownership

In addition to providing evidence that they own the note on your loan, they also have to prove that the amount claimed to be due is in fact the amount that is owed. Do you want to be part of the more than 90% of all collection law suits that end up with a default judgement? Defend yourself today with Student Loan Law Group. We can fight to help settle the claim, if valid, or potentially getting you a better deal. It is possible that we can even help you win your case!

Make sure you have Student Loan Law Group take a look at your National Collegiate Trust lawsuit before you choose not to respond. Avoid a default judgment and let us help you tackle your case. Don’t stress, we are here to help. You do not want a lien on your property, or to have your bank accounts frozen. Call Call Student Loan Law Group today at 888-843-1706888-843-1706 FREE to fight your a better deal and avoid receiving a default judgment on your loan.