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West Chester | Mason Red Wing Shoes Store Making Life Customers

Red Wing Store in West Chester, Mason area is creating lifetime customers by offering exceptional service.

West Chester| Mason OH Area Red Wing Shoes and Boots Store works, hard to make every visitor to the Red Wing Boots Store on Fields Ertel Rd a customer for life.

Jerry Butkus of the Red Wing Store near West Chester | Mason says it is all about giving the customer the best experience possible and that means giving superior service.

Customers are saying... "When in West Chester / Mason area, looking for Red Wing Boots, stop by and visit Jerry and his Team at the Fields Ertel Red Wing Shoe Store. You will receive great service and superior boots" Ken G.

Starting with store hours to meet the shoppers’ needs, this Red Wing Shoes Store near Mason and West Chester is open every day of the week including Sunday after church.

When customers step into this Red Wing Shoes Store, they feel welcomed and their feet begin to smile. They know something special is about to happen. Jerry and his staff are professionals and know the Red Wing line inside and out. They will do their best to find the perfect fit.

The crew at the Red Wing Boots Store near West Chester and Mason on Fields Ertel Rd., will ask you all the right questions so that you leave the store with the Red Wing boots or shoes that match the purpose.

And even after all that attention if something is not just right Jerry and his Red Wing Shoes Team gives you a 30 day unconditional guarantee. If something is not right in those 30 days bring the Red Wing Boots or Shoes back and they will make it right or give the money back. How about that for Super Service? They want customers for life.

Before leaving the store, customers know how to care for their Red Wing Shoes and Boots because better care means better fit. They know this is a big investment and that proper Red Wing Shoe and Boot care adds life to that purchase.

Jerry and his staff are so attached to their Red Wing Boots that they even invite customers to bring boots back for a free cleaning and conditioning, once in a while, to reacquaint them with their boots and shoes, adding one more reason to be a customer for life.

And one final thing Jerry loves his Red Wing shoes and boots so much that, he even gives Free laces for the life of the Red Wing Boots.

Stop and see Jerry at the Red Wing Shoes Store on Fields Ertel Rd., in the Mason, West Chester area, and become a life customer.

Visit Red Wing Shoes Store near Mason West Chester on Fields Ertel Rd, Today!