Chiyoda-ku 5/20/2016 2:30:23 AM
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Oakmere Advisors in Tokyo, Japan: Portfolio Management

Submitting your wealth to a long-term investment strategy requires a significant amount of dedication, sacrifice and, necessarily, confidence in the expert advisors on whom you place such great responsibility.

Oakmere Advisors will proactively serve as custodians of your wealth, ensuring that your targets are consistently fulfilled through our guidance and support as professional financial and administrative partners.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

On the other hand, we deliver discretionary portfolio management assistance utilizing our multi-asset strategy with an intricately-designed asset-allocation system designed meticulously to achieve your objectives and your portfolio’s highest potential. Oakmere Advisors’ highly-experienced research and investment experts offer global insight into a broad mix of prospective investment products. Ordinarily, any portfolio we design and administer will involve an assorted blend of fixed income vehicles, equities and alternatives investments.

In accordance to your investment profile, your capacity to withstand risk and keeping in mind your needs, we will create several approaches to present the various courses you can navigate toward the fulfillment of your objectives. With Oakmere Advisors’ guidance through our wealth advisors, you will gain a clear perspective of how you can ascertain your financial security as you meet every major turn along your chosen course.

Please get in touch with Oakmere Advisors for further inquiries on how our asset allocation and portfolio integration approaches can guide you toward your secure financial future.

Advantages you derive from our Portfolio Management Services

  • A discretionary approach that removes all of investment intricacies.
  • Direct access to point-of-contact through your dedicated wealth advisor.
  • An investment-distribution model which addresses your unique requirements.
  • Performance evaluation with full-disclosure reports.