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San Clemente Dentist Supports Local Elementary School

San Clemente, CA residents will be pleased to know that San Clemente dentist Dr. Eric Johnson gives back to the community.

San Clemente, CA residents will be pleased to know that San Clemente dentist Dr. Eric Johnson gives back to the community.

This is the true test of a local practitioner. Being part of the community is the surest way to demonstrate to the local residents that there is a measure of care, concern and genuine interest in the people that visit his practice. It says that here is one San Clemente dentist who truly cares about the people -- and the children, of the community.

As part of the support to Las Palmas elementary school in San Clemente, Dr. Johnson was personally involved in the recent Las Palmas Jog-A-Thon by rewarding participants who pushed themselves to be the best. That's because it is the same approach that fuels San Clemente's most popular dental practice.

Being the best at ones' chosen profession is something folks of all walks of life strive for, but as a dentist, there is a measure of trust that must be maintained. After all, a dentist is perhaps the most personal type of health care the average person will encounter. The average patient develops a personal relationship with their dentist, and by that measure, Dr. Johnson is a local star.

His genuine concern for the health of his patients through a people-centric approach is demonstrated by the overwhelming number of patient reviews most of which fall into the 5-star category. Here is one San Clemente dentist being the best over and over and over again -- to each and every thankful patient.

For example, see what a few of these satisfied patients have to say out the treatment received -- from both the dentist and the dedicated, focused staff. 

Here is how Maria N. described a dental visit in May, 2016:

"Bobbie is a doll, so eager to please nd make you feel comfortable. I drive over 100 miles round trip, many times stuck in traffic to see Dr Johnson and his staff, they are the best!!"

 Or a lighter side of a Dental visit from Ralph W. in May, 2016:

"As Happy as I can be at the Dentist! An exciting hour in a lounge chair discussing teeth."

And Here is what Jeffrey A. has to say about this dentist with his future dental health in mind:

"check in to check out care/professional care, out standing dental attention! Dr. Johnson's dental staff along with his diagnosis/care is excellent. Always the best interest in all dental and overall health aspects for me as go through life."

Folks don't typically rave about a dental visit, so this is a real eye-opener:

"Always a great experience! Everything about this dentist, staff, and office is professional and positive! I highly recommend coming here."

Dr. Eric Johnson of San Clemente offers excellent dental care to all family members. From a little one's first visit to the dentist, all the way up to advanced teeth-saving procedures for seniors, and as demonstrated by the accolades above, people of all ages and all walks of life have reason to sing the praises of this San Clemente dentist.

Dr. Johnson and staff are available for San Clemente residents, as well as residents in the neighboring communities of San Juan Capistrano, CA, Laguna Niguel, CA, Dana Point, CA and Laguna Beach, CA. When a dentist in San Clemente is considered the best by patients, that is the one to call: (949) 493-9311(949) 493-9311