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Fight Your National Collegiate Student Loan Trust Lawsuit With Student Loan Law Group

When you are faced with a lawsuit from National Collegiate Trust, make sure you understand the case against you so you can avoid receiving a judgement. A lawsuit against you is not the same as a judgment. Student Loan Law Group can assist you in defending the lawsuit to attempt to prevent a judgement. Call Student Loan Law Group today toll free at 888-843-1706.

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust is suing people for past due private student loans. National Collegiate Student Loan Trust is not the originator of the loan or the lender and therefore must prove ownership of the loan when suing the borrower. Every loan held by NCSLT was originated from various banks under different loan programs. Therefore, in order for them to sue you for the balance due, they must provide their own evidence that they are now the owners of the promissory note. Furthermore, they also must prove that the amount claimed to be due is in fact actually due.

You must take defense against your lawsuit if you do not want a judgement. In most cases if you do nothing, then a judgment will more than likely be entered against you. In the event this already happened or ends up happening you can still contact Student Loan Law Group to assist you in settling the judgment against you from National Collegiate Student Loan Trust. However, having Student Loan Law Group fight the lawsuit for you forces them to have their attorneys prove you owe them the money. Their lawyers will have to account for the debt they are alleging you owe them for, as well as, the fact that you are legally liable to them for payment.

The best way to handle your lawsuit against National Collegiate Student Loan Trust is to contact Student Loan Law Group. We may be able to get the lawsuit dropped, or we can work out a settlement in the case for either a lump-sum dollar figure or reasonable monthly payment. Call us today at 888-843-1706 and act now against your lawsuit from National Collegiate Student Loan Trust.