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Student Loan Law Group Will Help Defend You Against National Collegiate Student Loan Trust

College students who took out private student loans to help pay for the college tuition are being sued by National Collegiate Student Loan Trust. Students that have fallen behind on their student loans may be faced with a lawsuit from NCSLT and need to act immediately. However, if you are faced with a lawsuit, NCSLT must prove they own the loan and the amount due is valid. Fight back against your lawsuit with the help of Student Loan Law Group.

Every student loan currently held by National Collegiate Student Loan Trust were originated from various banks under different loan programs. In order for their to be a valid lawsuit, they must prove that they are the actual owner when they sue the borrower. National Collegiate Trust is hoping you do nothing so that a judgment is placed against you. Let Student Loan Law Group go to court to help you avoid judgement and potentially even have the lawsuit dropped.

When you choose to fight your lawsuit you could result in getting a better deal. Typically if you choose not to act or ignore the warning, a default judgment could be taken against you. Once they get a judgment against you it does not end there. You may be subject to wage garnishment, bank account freezes, or liens on your property.

Having Student Loan Law Group fight the lawsuit for you forces them to have their attorneys prove you owe them the money. Their lawyers will have to account for the debt they are alleging you owe them for as well as the fact that you are legally liable to them for payment. Make sure you take defense with Student Loan Law Group against your lawsuit from National Collegiate Student Loan Trust. We will work hard to get you the best results. Give us a call today at 888-843-1706.