Chicago 6/9/2016 6:54:30 PM
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Pest Control Manufacturer Launches Interactive Problem Solver Tool

Bird-X’s new Interactive Problem Solver recommends the best solutions to combat over 40 different species of pest birds and animals.

The leading brand in humane bird and pest control, Bird-X, officially launched their Interactive Problem Solver online tool. The Chicago-based company hopes that this tool will help spread the word that they are not just in the bird business.

The Interactive Problem Solver allows customers to select between birds or other pests. Once the customer makes the choice, a sub-menu appears where the user can further select the specific species of pest bird or animal with which they are having issues. The tool includes bird species such as pigeons, crows, gulls, peacocks, sparrows, and more. The other pest animals option recommends ways to deter critters like feral cats, deer, opossums, rodents, and even sea lions!

“Pest control is a multifaceted industry, as pests are equal opportunity invaders that impact the life of almost everyone at one time or another. Bird-X offers a wide variety of humane solutions that address pest bird and animal problems without killing and poisoning the environment,” Dennis Tilles, Bird-X President, said.

Tilles affirmed that the goal of the Interactive Problem Solver is to upgrade customer experience on the company’s website by improving the decision-making process. With Bird-X’s line of almost 70 pest control products and options, customers are certainly finding that having recommendations for specific problems readily available makes the shopping experience easier.

“The Interactive Problem Solver provides a condensed informational guide to help our customers find the humane solutions for everyday pest problems without the use of dangerous chemicals,” Tilles said.

Bird-X is dedicated to working with customers across the globe to find the best and most cost-effective solutions to combat their specific pest problems. For information on any of Bird-X’s humane bird and pest control solutions, please call the Bird-X customer service line at (800) 662-5021.