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Student Loan Law Group Can Help You Fight Your Lawsuit Against National Collegiate Student Loan Trust

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust or NCT is aggressively suing students for past due student loans. However, in order for the lawsuit to be valid, NCT must prove ownership of the lawsuit and prove that the amount requested is indeed the amount owed. Student Loan Law Group can provide you defense against your student loan lawsuit against National Collegiate Student Loan Trust.

When you are faced with a student loan lawsuit, there are important decisions to be made. Probably the worst choice you can make would be to ignore the lawsuit. If you take this route, it is likely that a judgement will be placed upon you, which means you could end up having your wages garnished or more. However, you do have the option to defend yourself. Student Loan Law Group will take on your case and force NCT to prove ownership of your loan. In some cases, they may be unable to do so, which would mean the lawsuit would be invalid.

When you choose to fight back in your lawsuit, it will force NCT to provide the required documentation. They may not have the right documents required by law to prove you owe them the debt. If they are not the rightful owners of your loan note, they can not sue you for the balance.

If this is the case, it is possible to have the lawsuit dropped or work out a settlement for either a lump sum amount or a reasonable monthly payment. Either way, your best bet is to defend yourself in the lawsuit and not ignore it. Don’t get a default judgement placed on you, contact Student Loan Law Group today by calling us at 888-843-1706.