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Challenge Your Lawsuit Against National Collegiate Trust With Student Loan Law Group

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust is suing students for past due student loans across the US. Student Loan Law Group is a law firm with qualified attorneys that can aggressively defend you in your student loan lawsuit with National Collegiate Trust. In order for the lawsuit to be valid, National Collegiate Trust must prove ownership of your loan note and that the amount due is in fact the actual amount owed. Call Student Loan Law Group today to get the student loan lawsuit defense that you need in South Carolina.

When National Collegiate Student Loan Trust files a lawsuit against you, they are hoping that you will do nothing. Many students don’t know where to turn, so they avoid the lawsuit. However, avoiding the lawsuit is one of the worst decisions you can make. When you don’t respond to the lawsuit, it is likely that a default judgement will be placed upon you. When you get a default judgement, you may be subject to wage garnishment due to student loans, bank account freezes, or liens on your property.

When you choose to fight your lawsuit, it forces National Collegiate Trust to have their attorneys prove that you owe the money and that they own your loan note. Many times they can’t prove this because the lawsuit isn't truly valid. Call us today for more information and get our qualified loan lawyers on your side. We may be able to get you a better deal, such has having the lawsuit dropped or working out a settlement. Call us today at 888-843-1706.