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New Fourth Book In Annie Tillery Mystery Series Released “The Mystery of the Lost Avenger” Get It On Amazon

The wait is over. You can now pick up your copy of Linda Marie Frank’s latest installment in her Annie Tillery Mystery Series titled “The Mystery of the Lost Avenger”. This award-winning series was inspired by Linda Marie Frank’s love of the Nancy Drew series and the popular television series CSI, as well as her passion for forensic science. Join amateur sleuth Annie Tillery in her fourth adventure when you purchase your copy of “The Mystery of the Lost Avenger”, now available to purchase on Amazon.com.

When the wreckage of a 1943 World War II plane crash is discovered, a note about Annie Tillery’s great-grandmother, Charlotte, is found within the wreckage. The NCIS trace the note down to Annie Tillery and her mother. This is where the mystery begins. What did the note mean? Annie and her mother hunt for clues in the family attic and discover clues of a romance between Charlotte and her navy pilot fiancé. Within the clues lies a secret message.

Discover the mystery behind the notes when you pick up your copy of Linda Marie Frank’s fourth book in the Annie Tillery Series.

Before Frank began her career in writing, her first love was teaching science. Linda Marie Frank taught science in grade school for many years before teaching forensic science classes at local New York universities in Long Island.

If you are a mystery, CSI, or book-lover then be sure to pick up your copies of the Annie Tillery Mystery series and lose yourself in an exciting new series. Order your copy of “The Mystery of the Lost Avenger” today on Amazon.com.