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Become A Travel Nurse In North Carolina With Millenia Medical Staffing

Find the best North Carolina Travel Nursing Jobs with Millenia Medical Staffing. When you are looking to start a new career, explore a new city, or just change up your routine, you an apply to travel nursing jobs in North Carolina with the premier staffing agency Millenia Medical. Our recruiters and health care staffing team have many years of experience and can tailor a package that is unique to your needs. Give us a call today at 888-686-6877 to discuss the different options that are available to you and find the right travel nursing job.

When you are applying to travel nursing jobs, make sure you partner with a staffing agency that not only has your best interests at heart, but also one that can match you to top medical facilities. Millenia Medical Staffing has been partnering travel RNs with some of the best facilities in the country since 1999 and we offer great benefits, insurance packages, and top pay rates.

One of the many benefits with travel nursing jobs in North Carolina with Millenia Medical Staffing is the option of choosing between short and long term contracts. For travel nurses that are looking to get away for the summer, they can apply to a shorter term contract that is between eight and twelve weeks long. Or, if you are looking to really get away, you can find a contract length that is longer, perhaps twenty to twenty six weeks longer. Millenia Medical gives you the flexibility to find a contract that meets the length of time you want to be away from home.

Call Millenia Medical recruiters today at 888-686-6877. We can help match you to a top medical facility and offer you competitive benefits. We offer travel reimbursement, top pay rates, and competitive insurance packages to name a few. Start your new career as a travel nurse in North Carolina today.