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National Collegiate Trust Lawsuit Defense Provided By Student Loan Law Group

Many students are being sued for their past due student loans by NCT or National Collegiate Trust. National Collegiate Student Loan Trust must prove ownership of your private student loans and prove the amount due is accurate in order for the lawsuit to be valid. Because all of the student loans held by NCT were originated from various banks under different loan programs, Student Loan Law Group will force them to prove ownership by finding the required documents. Make sure you fight your NCT lawsuit with Student Loan Law Group today and avoid receiving a default judgement.

National Collegiate Trust wants you to do nothing so that you will receive a default judgement. Often times students don’t know about National Collegiate trust so they choose to do nothing about their NCT lawsuit because they aren’t informed or aware of what will happen. Student Loan Law Group is a group of student loan lawyers who will assist you in defending the lawsuit to attempt to prevent a judgement. If you do nothing, you will likely receive a default judgement. However, when you fight the lawsuit, the attorneys at NCSLT will have to account for the debt they are alleging that you owe.

When you choose to fight our NCSLT lawsuit, you may have a chance to work out a settlement or in some cases get the lawsuit dropped. In either case, fighting the lawsuit is always a better decision than ignoring it. Contact Student Loan Law Group today to get the defense you need against National Collegiate Student Loan Trust. We can be reached at 888-843-1706.