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Fight Your NCT Lawsuit With Student Loan Law Group To Avoid A Default Judgement On Your Student Debt

Student Loan Law Group is a group of student loan defense lawyers that will help you fight your National Collegiate Trust Lawsuit. NCT is aggressively suing students for their past due student loans. However, no student loans originated with NCT. In order for the lawsuit to be valid, National Collegiate Student Loan Trust must provide ownership of the loan note and prove that the amount being sued for is in fact the actual amount owed. Avoid receiving a default judgement and fight your NCT lawsuit today with Student Loan Law Group.

National Collegiate Student Loan trust can not have a valid lawsuit against you if they can not prove ownership of your loan or the amount due. When you receive notification of the lawsuit you must act immediately. If you do nothing you could receive a default judgement placed against you. By doing nothing, the results are typically not in your favor. However, when you hire Student Loan Law Group to assist you, you at least have a chance of winning or settling the case on more favorable terms.

Make sure you get the NCT lawsuit defense with Student Loan Law Group. We are student debt lawyers who care and want to help you avoid getting a default judgement placed on you. NCT hopes that you do nothing so that a judgement can be placed. You may even be subject to wage garnishment, bank account freezes, or liens on your property if you own any. Call us today and let Student Loan Law Group review the lawsuit before you respond, we may be ale to take on your case and help you win. Call us today toll free at 888-843-1706.