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Get NCT Lawsuit Defense For Your Student Loans From Student Loan Law Group

Student Loan Law Group Are Student Debt Lawyers Providing Defense Against National Collegiate Trust

Students that have past due students loans may be facing a lawsuit from NCT, or National Collegiate Student Loan Trust. NCT is aggressively suing students for over-due student loans, but they may in fact not own your student loan note. All loans that NCT are suing over originated from other banks and institutions, and were originated under different loan programs. These loans were structured with the assistance of The First Marblehead Corporation. The First Marblehead Corporation is an education loan finance company that also owns TERI.

Because your loan did not originate with NCT, you have a chance at winning the lawsuit that is being held against you with Student Loan Law Group. In order for them to sue you for the balance due, they need to provide evidence that they now own the Promissory Note on your Loan and they are legally able to prove ownership. They must also prove that the actual amount requested in the lawsuit is in fact the actual amount owed on the loan note.

When you are faced with a lawsuit it is important to act quickly. By avoiding or ignoring your notice of the lawsuit, you could end up facing a default judgement that is placed against you. By doing nothing the results are typically not in your favor. Those who hire Student Loan Law Group to defend them and fight on their behalf at least have a chance of winning or settling the case on more favorable terms. When you work with Student Loan Law Group to fight your lawsuit, you can attempt to avoid a judgement placed again.

Students who owe money on student debt do not want to have their assets frozen, wages garnished, or have liens placed on their property. Student Loan Law group can provide you with the NCT lawsuit defense that you need to get the best results for the lawsuit held against you. In some cases, the lawsuit may not even be valid, and you can win the lawsuit. Other times, you may be able to settle with NCT and get a better result than receiving a default judgement. Call us today to get the best NCT Lawsuit defense from the student debt lawyers at Student Loan Law Group.