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Student Loan Law Group Helps Students Fight Their NCT Lawsuit To Avoid Default Judgements

Students that are facing a lawsuit from National Collegiate Student Loan Trust can call upon the student loan lawyers at Student Loan Law Group for the defense they need against NCT. We are student debt lawyers who care and want to provide you with the defense that you need to avoid a default judgement, wage garnishment, or account freezes. Let us help you get the best possible outcome by defending you in your case; call Student Loan Law Group today at 888-843-1706.

Student Loan Law Group can defend you in your lawsuit with NCT and force them to prove ownership of your loan note. National Collegiate Trust is not the originator of your loans and all loans currently owned by them have come from various banks under different loan programs. Therefore, in order for the lawsuit to be valid, NCT must prove that (1) they do in fact now have ownership of your loan note and, (2) that the amount requested in the lawsuit is the valid amount. 

In some situations, Student Loan Law Group may be able to help you win the case.

In other situations, we can help you get the best possible outcome such as settling over a specific amount and coming to an agreement on the pay-back date. However, letting us respond to the lawsuit and defend you in your case will almost always provide you with a better outcome than ignoring the lawsuit. When you ignore the lawsuit, it is likely that you will receive a default judgement, which is exactly what National Collegiate Trust wants to happen.

Call the best student loan defense lawyers at Student Loan Law Group to get them on your side for your NCT lawsuit. Our student loan lawyers have the necessary skills and experience needed to take on NCT and defend you in your lawsuit. Call us today at 888-843-1706.