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Travel Nurses Who Partner With Millenia Medical Get Exceptional Benefits

If you are considering joining the travel nursing community or are curious about what its like to be a travel nurse, we can help. Millenia Medical Staffing is the premier medical staffing agency and has partnerships around the US with top medical facilities and critical access to teaching hospitals. No matter what state you are in, you can become a travel nurse to explore a new city, start a new career, or try out something new. If you have any questions just give us a call, we are happy to help. Our experienced recruiters are available at 888-686-6877.

Many medical professionals choose the travel nursing lifestyle due to its flexibility, benefits, and because they want to experience a new town. If you're an RN in Dallas Texas, but have always loved visiting Houston, you could apply to travel nursing jobs in Houston. You would be able to find a position with a duration length that matched your preference and specialty that matched your skills. This would enable you to work in Houston, experience the city for a specific amount of time, and you would get paid while being there.

Travel nurses love working with Millenia Medical because we have the best pay rates in the industry. We offer competitive insurance plans, premier benefits such as deluxe private housing and initial travel reimbursement, as well as tax advantages. Our recruiters can tell you more, as each contract is different.

Call Millenia Medical today at 888-686-6877 to start your new career. Our recruiters will be happy to help find you the perfect travel nursing assignment. Becoming a travel nurse can be a great way to start a new career in a field you already are skilled in. When you are ready to start your exciting career as a travel nurse, give us a call. We look forward to working with you to find you the best travel nursing job in the US.