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Millenia Medical Staffing Offers The Best Travel Nursing Contracts In The US

From California to Floria, Texas to New York, Millenia Medical Staffing has the best travel nursing contracts with top medical facilities around the US. Nurses within the US are able to relocate and get paid while being a travel nurse with Millenia Medical Staffing. If you are living in South Carolina, you are a nurse in what is known as a compact-walkthrough state, which allows you to be a travel nurse in select states virtually hassle free.

South Carolina travel nurses are eligible to apply for travel nursing contracts in other states such as Texas, Mississippi, Arizona, and South Dakota. This enables South Carolina travel nurses to leave their state, explore a new city, and get paid while doing it. We offer great benefits like: highest pay rates in the industry, deluxe private housing, and competitive insurance packages.

Deluxe private housing is guaranteed with each and every travel assignment through Millenia Medical Staffing. Whether you are traveling alone, with a spouse, your entire family or your devoted pet, our housing staff is dedicated solely to providing you the private housing accommodations that will suit your needs. Furnished with all the amenities and a close location to your facility is important to us in order to make your assignment more comfortable and as close to feeling like home to you.

Let Millenia Medical place you with the best travel nursing job in the US. Whatever state you are looking to explore or visit, we can match you with a top medical facility and of course provide you with exceptional benefits too. Give us a call today for more information at 888-686-6877.