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Get Travel Licensure Reimbursement From Millenia Medical Staffing When You Apply For A New License In A New State

Millenia Medical Staffing helps travel nurses work in the state of their choice. Many states are compact, walkthrough, or both, which enables licensed nurses in a particular state to work virtually hassle free in another state that is of the same class, compact or walkthrough respectively. If you are a nurse or travel nurse in South Carolina, you are eligible to work in either a compact state or a walkthrough state because South Carolina is both a compact and walkthrough state. Other compact and or walk through states that you are eligible to travel to and work in are Mississippi, Montana, Texas, Nebraska, and others.

If, however, you are working in a state and wanting to travel to a state that you are unable to work in without applying for and paying for a new license, we will reimburse you after you have paid for it. We make becoming a travel nurse easy and want you to partner with us for your travel nursing assignment needs. Call our recruiters today at 888-686-6877.

We recognize that a lot of travelers want to travel to states where they are not licensed. These licenses can get pretty expensive, so to help our travelers we have a 100% license reimbursement program. It’s easy! After you have paid for your license to the state where you will be traveling, simply send us your receipt and you will be reimbursed on your next check.

Millenia Medical wants to make becoming a travel nurse stress free and simple. We offer the highest pay rates in the industry, competitive insurance packages, as well as travel reimbursement, deluxe private housing, and many additional benefits. Call our recruiters today for more information at 888-686-6877 or visit our current travel nursing jobs page to apply.