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Student Loan Law Group Helps Students With Past Due Student Loans Fight Their Lawsuit From National Collegiate Student Loan Trust

Students that are being sued for their past due student debt can fight back with Student Loan Law Group. We are student debt lawyers who care and can help you avoid a default judgement, wage garnishment, or bank account freezes. Get the lawsuit defense that you need today by calling our lawyers at 888-843-1706.

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust is suing students that have fallen behind on their student loans. All of the student loans held by National Collegiate Student Loan Trust were originated from various banks under different loan programs. In order for the lawsuit being charged against you for your student loans to be valid, National Collegiate Trust must prove actual ownership of your loan note and the amount requested.

Knowing that your loan did not originate with NCT is the first step in fighting the lawsuit. When you hire Student Loan Law Group to assist with your lawsuit defense, we will force their lawyers to prove ownership of your loan.

Many students choose not to respond when they are faced with a lawsuit. Mounting student debt and other financial commitments leave them stuck, not knowing which way to turn. NCT wants you to ignore the lawsuit. National Collegiate Student Loan Trust hopes you do nothing so that they can get a default judgment against you. Most people that get lawsuit papers against them do nothing. Of those more than 90% of all collection lawsuits including those for private student loans will end up with a default judgment.  

Avoid a default judgement on yours student loans and get the debt relief you need from Student Loan Law Group. We can provide the support and assistance that you need for your lawsuit today. Call our student debt lawyers today at 888-843-1706 to start your defense.