Denver 9/7/2016 1:00:00 AM
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Turning Data Into Dollars™ Big Profits from Small Data™

KnowWare International Inc., announces the availability of the Turning Data Into Dollars System to cut costs, and boost productivity and profits. Most companies are blissfully unaware that defects, mistakes and errors are devouring a third or more of total costs; costs that are preventable. These problems create internal “Fix-it Factories” what waste precious productivity and profits fixing stuff that shouldn’t be broken and trashing stuff that can’t be fixed.

While most data science focuses on “big data”, author Jay Arthur has developed a simplified and streamlined way to mine small data to pinpoint areas for improvement. While Six Sigma has been touted as the cure for operational problems, it’s mainly focused on manufacturing operations, not services which account for 89 percent of U.S. employment.

Although most consultants talk about the “low-hanging fruit” to find and fix in an organization, few seem to know how to do it, because the low-hanging fruit is invisible, hiding in small Excel files and other nooks and crannies of corporate information systems. The secret, Jay has found, is to be able to mine these data files using smart charts that went to college and took statistics.

Most company dashboards are littered with line, bar and pie charts that show the current state of affairs, but cannot provide insight into what to fix and where to fix it to prevent problems forever. For this, companies will want to embrace specialized charts to measure and monitor performance. Companies will want to use Pareto Charts to pinpoint problem areas for improvement. Only one process step out of 25 causes over half the waste, rework and lost profit an any company. Fix that one step and profits increase. Customer and employee satisfaction soar.

Jay has found that with the right mindset, methods and tools, companies can make dramatic progress toward zero waste, zero rework and zero harm in 12-24 months. To assist companies in learning these streamlined approaches to problem solving, Jay has created an online learning course ( and an Excel addin ( to automate the data mining, analysis and charting required to find the invisible low-hanging fruit in any business.

Readers can download Jay’s special report, If It Wasn’t On Fire, You Wouldn’t Have to Put It Out! from the website. They can also learn more from the free videos offered.