Denver 9/8/2016 12:00:00 AM
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Announcing ChartSmartXL™ Excel Add-in

KnowWare International Inc. announces the release of the ChartSmartXL™ Excel add-in.

Most companies still use old-fashioned line, bar and pie charts to run their business. These charts are pretty dumb. They can report the news, but cannot provide any insights into how to improve. And they often cause employees to waste time and money figuring out why a number is up this month or down the next, when there may be no reason other than normal variation.

To better manage performance, companies need charts that went to college, took statistics, and can analyze performance, detect patterns and initiate action. These charts aren’t available in native Excel; that’s where ChartSmartXL™ comes in. ChartSmartXL™ will help even novice Excel users do the kind of data mining, analysis and charting required to pinpoint and fix operational problems. Performance charts have been around for almost 100 years, but few people know their power for measuring and managing performance. Pareto charts are a struggle to create in Excel, but with ChartSmartXL™ they are a snap. Pareto charts are the key tool for pinpointing error-prone process problems.

While PivotTables have been a feature in Excel for decades, few people know how to use them effectively. ChartSmartXL’s PivotTable Wizard makes it easy to analyze data. And the Data Mining Wizard will turn defect data into bullet-proof business cases for change that include the performance and Pareto charts required.

Jay Arthur, author of ChartSmartXL™ and the Turning Data Into Dollars™System, asks: “Are you Chart Smart?”

ChartSmartXL™ is an integral part of the Turning Data Into Dollars™ System for getting Big Profits from Small Data™ ( Learn more about ChartSmartXL™ at