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Tupac Shakur's Estate To Block Sale Of "Catchin' Feelings"

Tupac Shakur’s estate will try to block the sale of Catchin’ Feelings lyric sheet on the memorabilia site Moments in Time. After the death of her son, Afeni Shakur Davis took control of Tupac Shakur’s estate and became the prime decision maker concerning her son’s legacy. Afeni Davis was a political activist with ties to the Black Panther Party and taught her son to look at the world with a critical eye and question life as he saw it. She passed away recently at the age of 69, and the family’s estate lawyer promised that her will would be honored.

Tupac Shakur died September 13th, 1996, killed in a fatal drive by shooting. The rapper was with Suge Knight when they were shot, the murder itself has not been solved. The case officer of the investigation quit the force, shortly after he discovered the widespread corruption within his own ranks and was convinced that he would best be able to continue the investigation on his own. The officer, Russell Poole, died shortly thereafter.

The estate claims they are the rightful owners of Tupac’s lyrics and other written creations, and therefore are not pleased with sites such as Moments in Time selling the lyric sheets online, on the 20th anniversary of Tupac’s death. The estate claim Gary Zimet, the owner of Moments in Time and any other sites trying to take advantage of the late rapper’s lyrical material is guilty of trying to make a quick buck and are exploiting his name.

The primary argument of the estate beyond Afeni Shakur Davis wishes, is that Tupac never sold these items while he was alive, and therefore his wishes to remain holder of such items should remain with the estate itself. Gary Zimet isn’t concerned with the demands being made by the estate and says that he will allow the sale of the lyrics sheet, believed to be obtained by an employee of the studio where Tupac had recorded.