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Can People Change? These Rough Bikers, Ex-cons, Addicts Did Through Accepting Jesus Christ As Their Savior

Bible Bikers: Live Ridin' on the Road to Redemption offers hope to those who have struggled with crime, addiction, and prison.

Bible Bikers: Live Ridin' on the Road to Redemption offers hope to those who have struggled with crime, addiction, and prison. Members of the Live Ride Ministry and Motorcycle Club share their testimonies about their hard lives, re-conversion and baptism into Christianity, and how they are moving forward, one step at a time, to a clean, sober, and Christian life, under the guidance of Pastor Rick Fish, Sr., himself a biker with a checkered past who has reformed, been ordained, and now leads others onto the road to redemption.  Michael Gotz believes these messages are so important that he recorded the testimonies verbatim, with no editorial comment.  “These guys tell it best in their own words, and I wrote it down just as they said them,” said author Michael Gotz. “I am overwhelmed by the miracle that are these guys, and I want to share with those who need encouragement or enjoy validation of their Christian beliefs. One reader reviewed this book by saying: “This is a unique book that is inspiring, courageous and down to earth.  Its theme is that it is possible for any of us to overcome great difficulties and character defects, if we are only willing to do so  and have the bravery and courage to try.”  Well, these guys try, and we follow them doing good works, abstaining from drinking, drugs, and crime, and being available to Hells Angels and other bikers who seek them out for help.

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About Michael Gotz:
Michael Gotz lives in Culver City, California.  He is retired from the air freight industry and is currently a partner in the Contact Photo Lab, a fine arts retouching, printing, and film darkroom business in the Los Angeles Brewery art colony. He holds a B.A. degree in political science from UCLA and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Chinese studies from UC Berkeley.  He is always looking for inspiring projects such as this one, where he can learn both specific and universal lessons.  For instance, on this project he has learned that an important aspect of belief in someone or something is that the object of the belief also believes back in    the believer, e.g., if you believe in Jesus, Jesus will believe in you. Just this one example can provide the basis, for example, in employer-employee relations:  if workers believe in the company’s goals and objectives, to have a motivated workforce the company must believe in the employee’s abilities and motivations. There are many other examples of how religious principles can translate into universal secular application.  Michael can be contacted at:

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