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Rapper Shawty Lo Has Died In A Fatal Car Crash

Heart goes out to all the family and crew of Shawty Lo, who died this morning after a fatal car crash.

Shawty’s Audi went over the guardrails at about 2:20 AM in Atlanta, hitting trees and ejecting him from the vehicle, which then caught fire. Two women he was with were taken to a local hospital for non-life threatening injuries. Originally reported as a hit and run, the Fulton County police department later confirmed that it was just a single vehicle incident. Shawty's brother confirmed via twitter that it was indeed Shawty who was involved in the crash and the one who passed away, with his manager putting out a story shortly after. 

His Audi went over the guardrails, hitting two trees and bursting in to flame; at the time the man who was confirmed to be Shawty was pronounced dead on the scene after he was forcibly ejected from the vehicle. Shortly after the crash, the car itself burst in to flames. 

Best known for Dey Know, Shawty Lo was a member of D4L who scored the hit Laffy Taffy. Arguably the most successful out of D4L, Shawty went on to produce Units in the City on his own. In 2013 Shawty made headlines after the Oxygen channel announced they were making a series about his blended family of 11 children and 10 women. Titled "All my babies' Mama's," the project was scrapped before it ever aired.