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SMARTdesks Active Learning Classroom Tables Demonstrated at ASBO 2016 Annual Meeting & Expo, September 23-26, Phoenix, Arizona

SMARTdesks rolls out their latest line of Quark2 mobile, sit or stand collaborative learning classroom tables in Expo booth 423 this weekend at the Phoenix Convention Center. The Annual Meeting & Expo brings together school business leaders to learn and to connect—sharing challenges, successes, best practices, and more.

SMARTdesks line of Quark2 active learning classroom tables will be shown at Expo booth 423. School district chief financial decision makers attending  the Association of School Business Officials International’s 2016 Annual Meeting & Expo, September 23–26 in Phoenix, Arizona will evaluate SMARTdesks’  Quark2, FFIT Computer Floor— under floor power and data distribution system, and learn more about how SMARTdesks can collaborate as a resource for bringing active learning classrooms into reality through best design practices.

The Quark2 Sit Stand Active Learning Table System looks like a streamlined shuttlecraft—like it is supporting ideas that are going somewhere fast. Under its hover board base, five lockable carpet casters allow easy freedom of placement. Each Quark2 Series top is supported by a ratchet height adjustment column that is easily lifted in twelve steps from sitting height to standing. The lowest position is the ergonomic standard for keyboard use.

Architectural arrangement features for organized docking enable organization for independent study or collaborative conference. To make a radial cluster work group, the Qstar2 docking station is a hub for five Quark2 units. Both the Qstar5 and Quark2 have identical lift mechanisms to provide a matched working height.

For Quark2 Shuttlecraft Wall Docking, three section designs can be used together to organize and dock groups of two Quark2. The Shuttle Docking System provides wire management, power distribution and optically pleasing placement and spacing for the Quark2 workstations. Center two Quarks at 79", four Quarks at 163", or six Quarks at 242" to organize desired placement. The SMARTdesks  Design Center is a cost free resource to organize and plan interior space around your technology and presentation areas.

Appoint Quark2 with power distribution and cord management 

Quark2 includes the WireWonder™ cord manager, useful for holding small power bricks and for wrapping long power cords to minimize clutter in docking. The optional Cove® power port has 1 power 2 USB power outlets, 9' cord, and installs with clamp mount and thumbscrews.

FFIT Power and Data Cable Management Solution:

SMARTdesks active learning classroom design is focused on flexibility. Shape and flexible arrangement of the furniture within the space promotes the flow of communication, shaping group dynamics.

Those who conduct different types of activities in the same space want the ability to change the arrangement. Adding SMARTdesks FFIT Floor to the equation allows the total flexibility in the architectural space. Outlets for power and data can be moved as easily as the furniture.

Based on the area of the space, the number of power and data outlets and the number of entrances, a budget for the computer floor is developed. Upon acceptance, the room arrangement is overlaid with a tile-by-tile FFIT floor plan, complete with wiring scheme and placement of outlets for the furniture in the space. ADA compliant ramps are included and powder coated steel railings are designed and fabricated custom for each installation.

The floor and the furniture could be arranged to arrive on the same truck. The same installation team can be used for the floor and the furniture. The electrician can be scheduled to install the power whip into the service box at the customer’s convenience. The IT installs the data cables in the server. SMARTdesks takes the responsibility of guaranteeing that the power and data is located to serve the technology in the SMARTdesks furniture.

SMARTdesks designs and manufactures innovative, custom computer conference tables and computer classroom furniture.  Each product is made to order, nuanced for the technology, purpose and interior design choices for the space.  SMARTdesks is the patent holder for flipIT® products and is the sole source for flipIT and factory integrated flipIT furniture products. Serving universities, corporations, government and military clients world-wide, SMARTdesks furniture is made in the USA using Certified GREEN manufacturing methods.

For more information, contact smartdesks through the web site— www.smartdesks.com