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The Christmas Mouse Inspires Families to Create New Holiday Traditions

The latest in holiday children’s literature, The Christmas Mouse, is soon to become a classic that families will read every December.

Oshkosh, WI (USA), October 01st, 2016 -- The latest in holiday children’s literature, The Christmas Mouse, is soon to become a classic that families will read every December. Set at the time of Jesus’ birth, we find a tiny mouse and his fellow barn animal friends anticipating the holy birth; but not everyone is excited.

“I wanted to create a story that would put focus back on the true meaning of Christmas,” said Mark Spencer. “There was something innocent and endearing about a tiny mouse being the voice of faith and grace during a time when we can so often be caught up in the material trappings of the holiday.”

The Christmas Mouse is written entirely in rhyme and the illustrations, created by artist Polona Lovsin, beautifully bring to life a camel, goat, donkey, sheep and mouse. Children will be drawn to their sweet faces and the wonderful story as it moves from fear and doubt to faith and generosity.

“I’m an engineer,” said Spencer. “Writing children’s fiction was never even a consideration. However, one day while visiting friends, I noticed a tiny doll house door along their baseboard.”

That little door created a spark of inspiration and over time the story began to take shape in his mind until one final night when it just seemed to flow from his fingertips.

Readers of The Christmas Mouse will be glad that Spencer tapped into that inner child and created this wonderful holiday tale which includes an idea for creating an annual family tradition. The little mouse door plays an important role in the story. It is through the door that the grace of God enters; a door into our hearts. Spencer suggests families might create a simple door, with paper and crayon, to symbolize the spirit of Christmas entering each home. It is a wonderful way to keep the true meaning of Christmas alive.

“This is such a sweet story,” said Lisa Umina, founder and publisher of Halo Publishing International. “And I have it on good authority that these adorable creatures will be appearing in a sequel before too long.”

Early readers of The Christmas Mouse are already sharing their positive comments:
“What a great message of giving and generosity. It is a message that will teach kids a lot of important lessons. Most of all, it will teach kids the true meaning of Christmas so that they could get ready not by expecting gifts but by sharing as much as they can with others, especially those who are less fortunate,” Irene Roth.

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About Mark Spencer:
Mark Spencer is currently a Project Director with SEE Inc. with a background in engineering and architectural design. He enjoys foremost his boys, along with firefighting, skiing, snowboarding, and also has an interest in fiction and technical writing. The Christmas Mouse is his first published work. 

About Halo Publishing International:
Halo Publishing International is a self-publishing company that publishes adult fiction and non-fiction, children's literature, self-help, spiritual, and faith-based books. We continually strive to help authors reach their publishing goals and provide many different services that help them do so.