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Facebook Unveils Two New Major Features To The Social Platform

Facebook has recently announced two major updates to the social platform that are reminiscent of two other social services and could pull the userbase from Snapchat and Craigslist to one centralized location.

Introducing Messenger Day and Marketplace, the social giant created by Mark Zuckerberg looks to further “connect the world,” and solidify its crown as the sole social medium.

Messenger Day takes the success of Snapchat’s filters and improves upon them, adding to the messenger feature that’s already implemented. The new filter feature in Facebook is being piloted in Poland where Snapchat hasn’t took hold yet; if successful, the Messenger Day feature will incorporate all of the best features we know and love from Snapchat and add a few yet to be revealed additions on top.

Marketplace is Facebook’s new look at social selling sites like Craiglist; the new feature will function much like the selling giant, however it’s worth noting that just like Craigslist, “Facebook does not facilitate the payment or delivery of items in Marketplace.”

Users will be able view pictures of items in their local area, narrowing it down by category, location and price. Sellers simply need to upload a photo, pertinent information and confirm their location for any Marketplace user to instantly see their item within a pre-ascertained distance when they open the feature.

Details concerning the two new features are currently sparse, and no release dates have yet been given; for now we’ll have to keep our eyes and ears peeled and patiently wait.