Denver 10/20/2016 12:00:00 AM
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Announcing Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals, 2nd Edition

Jay Arthur’s new book, Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals: Improving Patient Safety, Patient Flow and the Bottom Line, Second Edition 2nd Edition (McGraw-Hill), debuted in August, 2016.  

 The new aim of healthcare is ZERO HARM—no mistakes, no errors, no infections and no complications. Memorial Hermann Hospital and others are leading the way using the methods of high reliability organizations (HROs). An HRO combines Lean, Six Sigma and Change Management to achieve Zero Harm. It’s not enough to improve; you also have to integrate the change into the culture.

 This second edition also includes new insights and case studies from Virginia Mason, Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic.

 Where most Lean Six Sigma books focus on every method and tool needed for manufacturing, Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals covers just the Magnificent Seven Tools needed for Healthcare. You don’t need to know everything to do anything. These key tools will solve virtually all problems in healthcare.

 Readers can take Jay’s free Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training at They can also download a free 90-day trial of QI Macros for Excel to do all of the charts and diagrams needed for Lean Six Sigma.

 McGraw-Hill has published two other books authored by Jay Arthur: Lean Six Sigma Demystified, 2nd (2011) and Breakthrough Improvement with QI Macros and Excel (2014).