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Greg Tuve Tutors English Phonics In Atlanta Georgia To Young Children

Greg Tuve of Reading on Rails Helps Young Children Understand The Sounds of The English Language

Greg Tuve offers preschool English Phonics tutoring in Atlanta Georgia to help three to four year olds learn and understand the alphabet and the forty three sounds of the English language. Language is taught first by learning the words, and not by understanding the order of the letters or the sounds associated with the word, which makes truly understanding the language much more difficult. Learning the phonics of the English Language early on gives your child a much stronger chance for success in the classroom.

Here’s why you should avoid “Whole Word” and “Whole Language” practitioners. The typical adult reader's vocabulary contains between 30,000 and 80,000 words. Whole-word advocates pretend this monstrous collection of letter combinations can be memorized and they deliberately avoid teaching the sounds associated with each letter.

In the process, they also neglect the order of the letters in each word, treating each English word as if it were a unique Chinese symbol. Letter order (and therefore spelling) is substantially or completely ignored. In order to learn the English Language, which requires correctly understanding it, one must understand the sounds of the language.

Greg Tuve offers early education english phonics tutoring to help children comprehend the alphabet of the English language and understand why words sound the way they do. Having learned the phonics at an early age prior to begin traditional english teachings, your child's learning curve could be shortened. Call Greg Tuve today at 404-821-4085 to schedule your English Phonics tutoring in Atlanta Georgia