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Greg Tuve Offers On-Site Instructional Enhancement For English Phonics Learning

Early Childhood English Phonics Tutoring Using The DeHavilland Method

Greg Tuve of Reading on Rails in Atlanta Georgia offers onsite instructional enhancement and tutoring of the 43 sounds of the English Language. Learning the sounds of each letter in the alphabet and the different 43 sounds helps children learn and understand why words sound the way they do and what they mean. With Reading on Rails, using what we would call The DeHavilland Method, I can help teach your child to sound out words rather than guess at what they should sound like.

Reading instructors tend to rely on phonics instead of phonetics because written English lacks characters for representing all of the spoken language's 43 sounds. In addition, English is riddled with spelling exceptions. Phonics based reading approaches rely on presenting common spelling patterns to students and helping them learn to sound out any words containing those familiar patterns. As they practice, they get faster and faster until they can "decode" subconsciously and automatically.

By teaching your child the sounds and components of words, your child should be able to master reading skills at a faster rate. One goal of the DeHavilland development process was to accelerate phonics instruction enough that it could be used to protect youngsters from teachers who were being forced to rely on bad curriculum. This is why it is critical to receive such training prior to entering first grade. Start your child early on to learn the sounds of the language so they can be better prepared for future early education common core classroom instruction. Call Greg Tuve of Atlanta Georgia today at 404-821-4085.