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Greg Tuve Explains The Importance Of Learning to Decode English Words At An Early Age

Greg Tuve, and early education English Phonics tutor in Atlanta, helps preschoolers learn to sound out the letters in the alphabet and understand the 43 sounds that make up the English Language. In order to properly be able to understand the language and therefore learn to read, correctly, one must first understand why letters make the sounds they do, and why letters that are together go together. Once a child is able to decode correctly, he or she will be able to read stories and understand them by himself or herself.

A child who can read "scant" or "slend" will eventually find words like "scantily" and "slender" easy to read because most of the trailing syllables are shorter and therefore easier.  Failure to decode from left to right and failure to decode quickly and easily cause numerous reading problems that devastate comprehension and slow vocabulary growth to a crawl.  Eventually, this slows academic progress across the board.

Not learning to decode words and understand the various sounds in the language can leave young children stumped on words with similarities. Because classroom settings all focus on first letter position for learning to read and understand, children in such environments may end up reading words like "pentagram" as “pentagon, or a word like "lightning" may be mistaken for "lighting" or even “lighted.

Greg Tuve can help your young child learn to understand the English language by first learning the alphabet and sounds, correctly. Being able to decode properly is the basic building block to not only successfully learning to read correctly but also understanding what words mean. Call Greg Tuve today to start your one on one early childhood phonics tutoring in Atlanta.