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Greg Tuve Founder Of Reading On Rails Explains The Importance Of Understanding English Sounds And The Order In Which They Are Spoken

Teaching reading quickly and humanely is possible when we first consider how words sound the way the do and why they are ordered the way they are. Greg Tuve founder of Reading on Rails, offers early childhood English phonics tutoring in Atlanta to help young children understand the alphabet, understand the sounds the letters make, and understand the 43 sounds of the English Language.

Learning to decode the English language early on is imperative for growing children to be able to learn and understand what they are reading. By understanding the letters, sound associations, and understanding the 43 sounds of the English language, they will be better prepared to learn to read as first and second grade common core teaching is given. Young children who are not taught to decode see picture books of fun, fascinating stories, where the only thing they see is the photos and hear the excitement. In fact, the story makes no sense and the characters do not come to life. But, with English phonics tutoring early on, that can change.

Greg Tuve can help tutor your child to learn and understand the composition of English words in the English Language. Through this english phonics tutoring, your child will understand why words are ordered the way they are, what they mean, and why certain orders of words make certain sounds. It is through this style of teaching, that your child will be able to identify and understand what he or she is reading. Call Greg Tuve today at 404-821-4085 to schedule your English phonics tutoring in Atlanta Georgia.