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Earn Your Doctorate Of Divinity Online This Spring Semester By Enrolling In Courses At The St. Athanasius and St. Cyril Coptic Orthodox Theological School

This spring semester, we invite all to participate in the fullness of faith at the St. Athanasius and St. Cyril Coptic Orthodox Theological School, and will help you earn your Doctorate of Divinity so that you too can help spread His word. We prepare aspiring Christian scholars to take over the mantle of responsibilities within the church, and will provide you with the knowledge needed to become a strong Christian scholar within your own community.

At ACTS, our church fathers pursue a level of excellence that will lead the Claremont School of Theology and the St. Athanasius and St. Cyril Coptic Orthodox Theological School to eventually be recognized as the premier Coptic Christian Orthodox School worldwide. We work relentlessly to better edify the Church throughout the world and prepare young Christian scholars to do the same both within their own communities, and abroad.

We possess an immense library of volumes, exceeding 10,000 pieces of text to help our students in their studies. With such texts devoted to Coptic Church History, information pertaining to the Coptic Language and Pope Shenouda books, our Divine texts and holy literature is made available to our students so that they may use the knowledge to further heal the historic divisions within the church, and bring unity to all, whether they worship or not. When you’re looking to earn your Doctorate of Theology, we will help ensure that you’re successful in your Coptic Orthodox education.

Our education is delivered through a holistic approach, immersing our students in some of the very roles by which they may uptake. This real-world experience helps to ensure that our inspired scholars are prepared to preach, and comfort their own congregations. We’ll help those looking to follow in the life of the Saints through Divine Liturgy set out by St. Cyril and St. Basil, and teach our students the fundamentals of faith to impart them with the experience and knowledge they’ll need to become ordained.

Preach and proclaim the Gospel in the world today, and earn your Masters of Theology when you enroll in classes at the St. Athanasius and St. Cyril Coptic Orthodox Theological School. We’ll teach you to serve the Church of God in the name of love, humility and worship through a comprehensive education of the Coptic Orthodox Bible. Help us edify the church worldwide, and progress the benefits of the fullness of faith to those who need it most when you enroll by calling 909-447-6319.