Alexandria 12/27/2016 10:45:15 AM
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Virginia Law Firm Celebrates 75 Years of Criminal Defense Experience

The Brown Firm PLLC is celebrating their 75th year of excellence as Northern Virginia's lead criminal defense attorneys. Their expert criminal defense attorneys have decades of experience assisting Virginia residents with a variety of charges including felonies, misdemeanors, possession or intent to distribute marijuana and other controlled substances, theft, and larceny. Penalties are increasing for many significant crimes, and the Brown Firm notes the similarly increasing importance of having experienced legal representation. Proper legal representation is essential to having charges lowered or dropped, especially whenever a permanent record is at stake. The Brown Firm showcases a unique approach to criminal defense by committing to active representation and strategy development. Unlike most criminal defense attorneys, Brown Firm attorneys begin to build a custom defense strategy for clients immediately upon consultation, rather than waiting until the court date approaches. Supplemental resources are available on their website with important information regarding the rights of defendants, what types of penalties may be faced, and possible assessment and rehabilitation programs. Detailed information is also available on their website regarding the laws, penalties, and legal strategies surrounding DUI/DWI cases.

In addition to their criminal defense background, the Brown Firm also has extensive experience with traffic defense and civil litigation. Brown Firm attorneys regularly handle legal cases involving commercial drivers, and other traffic incidents such as racing, reckless driving, and speeding. The Brown Firm also provides information on and works with civil cases, such as disputes involving contracts or agreements, disputes between individuals or businesses, and disputes involving contractors/subcontractors.

The expertise of Brown Firm attorneys also extends to employment law, their final principal area of focus. Extensive information on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), breaches of employment contracts, the Family and Medical Leave act, wage disputes, and whistleblower litigation can be accessed on their website. Brown attorneys are particularly experienced with employment issues specific to Virginia and DC, including employment discrimination, wrongful termination, payment and collection laws, and non-compete laws. Their legal blog offers a wealth of news and in-depth looks into specific issues related to civil rights litigation and other areas of the law.

The Brown Firm is immensely grateful to the DC metro area community and the people of Northern Virginia for placing their trust in Brown for 75 years. Their principal attorney, Christopher E. Brown, has a reputation as a talented litigator and carries on the legacy of his grandfather, Edwin C. Brown Sr, who was himself a champion of civil rights.

For further information, the Brown Firm can be reached by phone at 703-828-0900 or on their website at