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Findit Helps Businesses Increase Their Organic Search Results and Improve Their Online Presence

Findit.com offers marketing campaigns to businesses that are looking to reduce their pay per click campaign spending while increasing your organic search results in search engines. We create fresh, original content within the Findit platform and share this content across your numerous social networks, increasing the amount of social interactions that you get on your status updates. Moreover, because Findit is an open platform, search engines can crawl your Findit pages, allowing all the content that we create on your behalf to be indexed.

Findit offers geo targeted marketing campaigns that go after the search results you are trying to show up for in search engines or paying for with a PPC campaign. Businesses can purchase Findit Keyword URLs similar to the way you would buy a URL from Godaddy, that target these search results that you are going after. From there, data rich status updates are created within each of your URLs that are then shared across your social platforms. From Facebook to LinkedIn, Google + and Twitter, Findit can help you get your message in front of more people then ever before.

We have in house content writers that are well versed in your sector. From real estate agents to heavy duty equipment manufactures, our marketing campaigns can help your business increase your online presence through the creation of new content that links back to you. Whether you are looking to reduce your pay per click spending or simply looking to get more visibility on the web, a Findit marketing campaign can help you. Give us a call today at 404-443-3224 to get started.