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Healthcare Facilities Can Grow Their Patient Revenue With Patient Health Management From Chronic Care Staffing

Healthcare facilities can improve their patient health management and increase their patient revenue when they call Chronic Care Staffing. Our care licensed coordinators and nurses use your existing EMR and billing systems that you already have in place to help ensure that your patients receive the best possible care while at the same time allowing your facility to take on more patients. Call us at Chronic Care Staffing for better patient health management solutions for your healthcare facility.

When you call Chronic Care Staffing, our team of certified nurses and medical professionals will treat your patients with care and compassion while providing the best chronic care management for your facility. Patient care, not software; our staff are live individuals that don’t come with added software expenses or the need for additional training, so you can feel free to turn your attention to growing your practice.

Chronic Care Staffing provides fully compliant Medicare documentation; under CPT Code 99490, Medicare began paying separately for non-face-to-face care for Medicare patients with 2 or more chronic conditions. Our team at Chronic Care will help you take advantage of this, allowing you to bill $38.86 for each 20 minutes of “contact initiated” per month for each patient. For 500 patients, this can quickly add up to almost $250,000 annually.

Our team of medical professionals at Chronic Care Staffing helps you get paid for chronic care management. Bill Medicare for services and grow patient revenue for your healthcare facility when you contact Chronic Care Staffing to call your patients and facilitate the implementation of your physicians’ instructions. Our medical professionals will ensure that your patients receive the care they need, and you can bill Medicare for the expense to grow your revenue. Contact Chronic Care Staffing today at 800-661-4324 for more information about Chronic Care Management for your patients.