Denver 1/31/2017 8:00:00 AM
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Announcing QI Macros® for Excel Data Mining Wizard 2.0

KnowWare International Inc. announces a new feature in QI Macros for Excel: Data Mining Wizard 2.0.

Jay Arthur, creator of QI Macros for Excel says, “Sometimes an infrequent problem or defect occurs often enough to garner attention, but most of the time money savings or mistake-proofing opportunities hide in mountains of defect data. Because these defects can be hard to see but easy to correct, I call them the invisible low-hanging fruit. Over the years, I've worked on many Six Sigma projects. While I've learned hundreds of improvement tools, virtually every project was done with few key tools used in a particular order.”

Mr. Arthur has incorporated those tools in his Data Mining Wizard 2.0, which is included in the QI Macros for Excel software.

Data Mining Wizard 2.0 examines the user’s defect data, summarizes it and creates performance control charts and all of the Pareto Charts that can be derived from the data. It then analyzes the lowest level Pareto charts and adds fishbone diagrams (Ishikawa)  ready for root cause analysis. What once took days, can now be done in minutes.

In addition to the Data Mining Wizard 2.0, QI Macros for Excel also includes a PivotTable Wizard, a Word Count Wizard, a Control Chart Wizard and a Statistical Tools Wizard; these wizards collapse the Six Sigma learning curve from weeks to a day or less.

The QI Macros for Excel Software contains 49 charts and over 100 fill-in-the-blank templates that simplify Lean Six Sigma complexities. The software is affordable, robust and easy to use.

Download a 30-day evaluation copy of the QI Macros for Excel at Readers can also signup for a free email course on Lean Six Sigma. For more information, testimonials, and pricing go to