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Findit Helps Users Manage Their Social Media More Effectively For Free

Findit.com is an interactive search engine and social media management platform that offers users their very own free Findit site or sites that allow them to manage their social media more effectively than ever before. Traditionally, social media gurus who were very active online would turn to services like Hootsuite which enabled them to log into one place to manage their social media. However, Hootsuite simply gave users a place to go first to create posts that still went to their respective websites.

Each post created in Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest was still held within those sites and couldn’t be seen by everyone. Now, with Findit, you can create data rich status updates that can be seen and shared socially across all your favorite networks and not just your friends can see your posts, everyone can. When you are trying to increase your online presence, gain more exposure within social media, or share content across all your platforms that you want everyone to see then you need to create your free Findit site today.

Findit allows you to start in one place, create all your data rich status updates that you want, and choose where you want to share them. Moreover, each status update you post creates its own individual page within the Findit platform that can be seen by anyone and can be crawled by search engines. Because Findit is not a ‘log-in site’ anyone can see your posts and anyone can share your posts regardless if they are on Findit or if they are your friend. Findit helps you get found, so join today and start managing your social media content.